Weave Mask

Weave Mask

I do claim Copyright to all the tutorials I wrote myself. *** The words that I use and the way I explain things *** This is my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial like this is purely coincidental. Please feel free to bookmark this tutorial, and/or print it out for your own personal use, but do not copy it in any way to put it online, link to it, distribute, or re-write without my written permission.
Tish May 26, 2006

For this tutorial you will need:
A Tube and Two Masks

Choose two complimentary light colours from your tube

Make a Foreground Background Gradient
Radial, Angle 0, Repeats 5, Invert not checked

Open a New Transparent Image 600 x 450

Copy and Paste your tube as a New Layer, resize if necessary and move over to the right

We need room to work so leave space all around the tube

Choose your Preset Shape Tool, Rectangle, Create as vector checked, Line width 4
Foreground solid colour, Background Null

Draw a rectangle around your tube
Convert to Raster, Layers arrange, Move Down
Make sure the highlight is on the rectangle layer

Using your magic wand click inside the Rectangle
Choose Selections, Modify, Expand by 2
Add a new layer
Flood fill with your Foreground/Background Gradient
Layers arrange, Move Down
The fill ought to be under the rectangle and the tube on the top layer

On the Gradient Layer apply Effects, Texture Effects, Weave with the following values:
Gap Size 1, Width 3, Opacity 30, Fill Gaps not checked. Choose a colour that shows the effect but not too dark
Apply and Deselect

Weave texture

Hide the bottom layer and merge the tube, rectangle and gradient layers visible

Unhide the bottom layer

Choose Preset Shapes, Ellipse, Create as a vector, Line Width 4, Light colour from tube, Background colour from tube
Draw a Circle with the left poking past the rectangular graphic and the right over the graphic
Convert to raster, Layers arrange, Move down
Make sure the highlight is on the Circle layer

With your Magic Wand tool, click inside the circle, apply the same Weave effect as the graphic
Leave those marching ants

Add a New Layer

Flood fill with a complimentary colour
Load Mask from disk - Fit to Layer checked, Merge group

at this point

Deselect and apply a Drop Shadow
Vertical and Horizontal 1, Opacity 40, Blur 1

Apply a drop shadow to the graphic layer
Vertical 1, Horizontal 8, Opacity 40, Blur 15
Apply another drop shadow
Vertical 1, Horizontal Minus 1, Opacity 40, Blur 1

Hide the bottom layer and merge all others visible

Choose the crop tool and crop to Layer Opaque
Important!! Stretch each side of the crop rectangle at least 5 pixels and then apply the crop tool

Unhide the bottom layer and Flood fill with a colour from your tube
Apply the weave effect, same as above

Add a new layer, flood fill with complimentary colour from your tube and load a second mask from disc
Fit to Layer checked, Merge group
**Note: You may have to invert layer transparency for your chosen mask
We only need the pattern area

Apply an inner bevel to the merged masked layer
Bevel Width 5, Smoothness 0, Depth 7, Ambience Minus 15, Shininess 33, Colour White, Angle 315, Intensity 40, Elevation 40
You may have to play around with the values depending on your chosen mask
Add a drop shadow with the values below
Horizontal and Vertical 1, Opacity 40, Blur 0
Highlight the bottom layer

Important: Click on the lock next to the bottom layer on the layer palette
This will retain your layer intact
If the background disappears it means your lock isn't clicked
Apply Effects, 3D Effects, Cut Out
Vertical and Horizontal 2, Opacity 35, Blur 50
Apply again with Negative Vertical and Horizontal 2
Click the lock

Add Border, 1 Pixel Dark colour
Add Border, 3 Pixel Light Colour
Select with Magic Wand and apply the weave effect

Add Border 1 Pixel Dark Colour

Add watermark and any necessary Copyright information
Resize using Bicubic Resampling

Be creative, a tutorial is a guideline only so have fun

Alternate Images

Alternate image by KoKo

Alternate image by Tish

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Some of the graphics used are from groups I belong to which share tubes and/or images.
They are used here for the purposes of this tutorial only.

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