Summer Dance

Summer Dance

I do claim © Copyright to all the tutorials I wrote myself. *** The words that I use and the way I explain things *** This is my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial like this is purely coincidental. Please feel free to bookmark this tutorial, and/or print it out for your own personal use, but do not copy it in any way to put it online, link to it, distribute, or re-write without my written permission.
©Tish March 24, 2007

For this tutorial you will need:
Some images, tubes, colours and font of your choice.
I have included the materials I used in the zip file
Download here

Open the ballet graphic and the CFreitag Fruhling in Den graphic. (both are jpegs)

Image - Arithmetic
Image #1 in the drop down box is the ballet
Image #2 is the Fruhling in Den
Check, Average, All channels, Divisor = 1, Bias = Minus 5, check Clip Colours

A new image will open with the two graphics blended together
Close the originals
Adjust, Sharpen on the working image

New Layer
Select All
Copy and Paste Cold Coppered Foil into Selection
Layer Mode, Soft Light

Copy and Paste ballet2.pspimage as a New Layer
Effects, Image Effects, Offset
Horizontal Minus 70, Vertical Minus 35 Transparent checked
Change Layer Opacity to 80

Open ballet roses
Copy and Paste as a New Layer
Image Mirror
Image, Resize 75% this layer only
Move to the right and against the bottom edge
Change Layer Opacity to 63

Highlight Raster 2
Copy and Paste tulips as a New Layer
Image, Flip
Image Resize 75%, this layer only
Move into the top left corner. See tag for placement
Effects, Edge Effects, Ehance
Layer Opacity 80
Layer Mode, Luminance (L)

Merge All Layers visible

Image, Add Borders, Symmetrical = 1, dark colour from image

Add watermark and any necessary Copyright information
Resize using Bicubic Resampling

Be creative, a tutorial is a guideline only so have fun

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Some of the graphics used are from groups I belong to which share tubes and/or images.
They are used here for the purposes of this tutorial only.

Copyright infringement not intended