Rose Gold Brushed

Rosegold Brushed

I do claim © Copyright to all the tutorials I wrote myself. *** The words that I use and the way I explain things *** This is my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial like this is purely coincidental. Please feel free to bookmark this tutorial, and/or print it out for your own personal use, but do not copy it in any way to put it online, link to it, distribute, or re-write without my written permission.
©Tish February 9, 2007

For this tutorial you will need:
A Tube, colours and font of your choice.
I have included the materials I used in the zip file
Download here

The first set of instructions is for making a brush
Older versions of PSP allow a brush to be a maximum size of 250 x 250
The newer versions allow a maximum size of 500 x 500

Open a New Transparent Image 400 x 400

Selections - Select All - Selections Modify - Contract by 10 - Flood the selection with black
Leave those ants marching
Selections - Modify - Contract by 4 - Delete
Selections - Modify - Contract by 4 - Flood with #808080
Selections - Modify - Contract by 4 - Delete
Selections - Modify - Contract by 4 - Flood with #404040
Selections - Modify - Contract by 4 - Delete
Selections None

Preset Shapes - Rectangle - Vector checked - Foreground Null - Background Black
Draw out a tiny square - use one square of the chequered background
Convert to Raster
Move into the top left corner inside the lines

Duplicate - Effects - Image Effects - Offset
Horizontal Offset = 0, Vertical Offset Minus 50, check Transparent
Merge Down

Duplicate - Effects - Image Effects - Offset
Horizontal = 0, Vertical Offset Minus 120
Merge Down

Duplicate - Image - Resize 85% this layer only
Effects - Distortion Effects - Twirl
Minus 200 degrees
Merge Visible

Selection Tool - Custom Selection
Top = 10, Left = 10, Right = 110, Bottom = 270
Invert Selection - Delete
Selections None

Yours will be similar to this:

result at this stage

Effects - Reflection Effects - Rotating Mirror
Horizontal Offset Minus 28, Vertical Offset = 30, Rotation Angle = 150 - Reflect checked
Crop the excess background

Now is the time to check and make sure your brush is of an acceptable size for the PSP version you are using
If you get an error message saying your brush is too big - Resize all layers accordingly

Selections - Select All - Selections Float
Open your brush tool from the toolbar
Click on the down arrow
Click on the little square in the bottom far right
Create Brush from Selection

creating the brush

In the window that opens - Give your brush a name - Check Save Variance - Step 32 - OK
Scroll through your brush menu - make sure the brush is there

Open a New Transparent Image 650 x 450
Flood fill Raster 1 with Black

New Layer
Brush tool - find the brush you just made - Change the size to 150
Using gold beads or a gradient or colour of your choice for the Foreground in the Materials palette
Stamp the brush twice in the top left corner
Move into position if necessary with the mover tool

Simple Filters - Top Left Mirror
Or .. Duplicate - Mirror - Duplicate Flip - Duplicate Mirror

Hide the black background and merge the corners visible unless you used Simple Filters
Unhide the black background - Highlight the top layer

Duplicate the merged corner layer and apply
Effects - Distortion Effects - Polar Coordinates - Rectangular to Polar checked
Part of the pattern is in the middle of your image
use the Selection tool - Rectangle - Make a selection around the 'doodad'
Edit - Cut
Selections None
Paste as a New Layer
Use the mover tool to place at the bottom edge in the middle
Duplicate and Merge Down

Selection Tool - Custom Selection
Top = 60, Left = 115, Right = 535, Bottom = 390

New Layer
Flood the Custom Selection with Gold Beads - Modify - Contract by 2 - Delete
Selections Modify - Contract by 4
Flood with Gold Beads, Selections Modify Contract by 2 - Delete
Leave those ants marching

Highlight the 'doodad' Layer and Delete

Highlight the Polar to Rectangular Layer and Delete

This is what we have so far

result at this stage layer palette

Highlight the top layer - Frame
Copy and Paste the rose as New Layer
Image - Resize - rose layer only by 80%
Lower the Layer Opacity to 80
Duplicate the rose layer

Highlight the original rose layer
Effects - Distortion Effects - Wind - Strength 100
Apply right and again with left checked
Same Layer
Apply Distortion Effects - Twirl = 270 degrees
Change the Layer Mode to Difference

Duplicate the Twirl layer
Image - Free Rotate 90 Left
Image - Resize, this layer only, 80%
Use the mover tool to place against the left edge
Change the Layer Opacity to 65

Duplicate and Mirror

Image - Add borders - Symmetrical checked and = 5. Colour Black

New Layer
Flood with Gold beads
Select All - Selections Modify - Contract by 2 - Delete
Selections None

Merge All Layers Flatten
Image - Resize - All Layers checked, 85%, Bicubic Resampling

Watermark and add any necessary copyright information

Be creative, a tutorial is a guideline only so have fun

Alternate Images
Alternate image by KoKo

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Some of the graphics used are from groups I belong to which share tubes and/or images.
They are used here for the purposes of this tutorial only.

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