Kaleidoscope Fairy

Kaleidoscope Fairy

I do claim Copyright to all the tutorials I wrote myself. *** The words that I use and the way I explain things *** This is my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial like this is purely coincidental. Please feel free to bookmark this tutorial, and/or print it out for your own personal use, but do not copy it in any way to put it online, link to it, distribute, or re-write without my written permission.
to Tish - January 19, 2007

For this tutorial you will need:
A selection of Tubes, colours and font of your choice.
I have included the materials I used in the zip file
Download here
No outside filters required

Open a new Transparent Image 650 x 450

Foreground colour # 9e6978 - Background White.
Make a Foreground/Background Gradient Angle 45, Repeats 3, Invert checked
Flood your image and Add Noise 8%, Gaussian and Monochrome checked

New Layer. Selection Tool - Custom Selection. Top = 20, Left = 5, Right = 125, Bottom = 430


Flood the Selection with Foreground colour #9e6978. Leave those ants marching
Effects - 3D effects - Buttonize
Height and Width = 10, Opacity = 65, Transparent checked, Colour White

buttonise settings

Leave the Selection
Selections Modify Contract by 8
Same Layer Apply Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds
Width = 2, Opacity = 20, Colour White, Nothing checked
Select None
Same Layer - Selection Tool - Custom Selection as above. (it will be in memory)
Same Layer - Effects - Distortion Effects - Pixelate. Symmetrical = 3, Layer Opacity = 60
Change the Layer Mode to Burn
Apply Drop Shadow
Vertical and Horizontal = 2, Opacity = 75, Blur = 1, Colour Black
Repeat with Vertical and Horizontal at Minus 2. Leave those ants marching

New Layer

Copy and Paste KaleidoscopeFairyLines tube into Selection


Selections None

Duplicate the line layer - Mirror - Use the mover tool to place it on the left border
See tag. Merge Down

Duplicate the Merged line Layer - Resize 75% and move into position. Merge Down

If you look carefully you will see two green dots on each of the line Layers
Use the eraser tool to remove them

Copy and Paste the Butterfly as a New Layer
Move in-between the lines and change the layer Mode to Luminance (L)

For the right border: Highlight Raster 2, Duplicate and Mirror (border)
Highlight Raster 3, Duplicate and Mirror. (merged lines)
Highlight Raster 4, Duplicate and Mirror. (butterfly)

This is what we have so far

results so far

New Layer

Selection Tool - Custom Selection
Top = 50, Left = 110, Right = 145, Bottom = 150

selection settings

Change your Foreground to Gradient
Angle = 90, Repeats = 11, Invert not checked

Flood the Selection with Gradient
Selections - Modify - Select Selection Borders
Width = 1, Both Sides and Antialias checked
Flood with Foreground colour #9e6978
Apply Drop Shadow
Vertical and Horizontal = 1, Opacity = 50, Blur = 0, Colour Black
Selections None
Change Layer Opacity to 55. Duplicate and Mirror

Merge All Layers visible

Minimize for now

Open a new Transparent Image 400 x 400

Open the CJ Floral Corner - Resize 50%
Copy and Paste as New Layer onto the small canvas
Close the corner tube without saving changes

Make sure the small canvas with the corner is active and Apply Effects - Reflection Effects - Kaleidoscope
Horizontal Offset = 100, Vertical Offset = Minus 20, Rotation Angle = 3, Scale Factor = Minus 40, Petals = 6, Orbits = 0, Radial Suction = 15, Reflect checked

Use the eraser to clean up the stray pixels in the top right corner and the bottom left corner
If you wish you can save this as a transparent image to use again
This circle has been included in the zip file

Copy and Paste the Flower circle as a New Layer onto the large working canvas
Move a little to the right
Apply Drop Shadow
Vertical = 0, Horizontal = 1, Opacity = 75, Blur = 1, Colour Black

Duplicate the Flower circle
Resize just this layer 30% and position with the Mover Tool
Change the Layer Opacity to 85 and the Layer Mode to Multiply. Duplicate and mirror

Copy and Paste aed_nemuru_anime as a New Layer
Drag the layer under the flower frame and move the fairy over to the right. See tag

Highlight the large flower layer ( Raster 1)

New Layer

Selection Tool - Custom Selection
Top = 405, Left = 150, Right = 500, Bottom = 430

Change Foreground to Gradient - same settings
Flood the Selection - Effects - Distortion Effects - Pixelate
Symmetrical = 4
Layer Opacity to 75 and Layer Mode to Multiply
Selections None

Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance

Duplicate and Flip

Highlight the original layer (the bottom strip)
Apply Effects - Distortion Effects - Wind - Strength 100 apply in both directions

Add Borders. Symmetrical not checked
Left and Right = 1, Top and Bottom = 5 Foreground colour #9e6978

Add watermark and any necessary Copyright information
Resize using Bicubic Resampling

Be creative, a tutorial is a guideline only so have fun

Alternate Images
Alternate image by Red

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Some of the graphics used are from groups I belong to which share tubes and/or images.
They are used here for the purposes of this tutorial only.

Copyright infringement not intended