Dancing Rose

Dancing Rose

I do claim Copyright to all the tutorials I wrote myself. *** The words that I use and the way I explain things *** This is my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial like this is purely coincidental. Please feel free to bookmark this tutorial, and/or print it out for your own personal use, but do not copy it in any way to put it online, link to it, distribute, or re-write without my written permission.
to Tish - May 21, 2005

For this tutorial you will need:
Your own choice of tubes and colours
Filters Required: Filter Factory B
Filters Unlimited, Paper Textures
Eye Candy 4000

**My filters are applied from within Filters Unlimited or as noted.

1. Open a Transparent Image 400 x 400 Flood with Black, rename Layer Black. *G*

2. New Layer, Flood with a light colour from your tube
Resize 90% using Bicubic. Resize All Layers not checked.
Apply Filter Factory B Vibes 195.
Rename layer Pattern

result after point 2
3. Choose Magic Wand, use the following settings.

wand settings

4. Select left rectangle, apply Filters Unlimited, Paper Texture, Canvas fine, Intensity 127, Lightness 170 or as you choose.

5. Select the tiny light square.
Apply Blinds, Width 2, Opacity 30, Colour Black, Horizontal and light boxes both checked.

6. Select the long narrow strip, apply Texture Effects, Fine Leather. Colour White, Angle 275, Blur 2, Transparency 255, Number of Furrows 15, Length of Furrows 5

fine leather settings

This is what we have
result after stage 6

7. Select the top right square
Selections Modify Expand 1
Flood with a light colour from tube
Leave selected and Add a New Layer, Rename Squint
Copy and paste a colourful graphic into the selection
Apply Eye Candy Squint, high setting
Edge Effects, Enhance or Sharpen
Lower the opacity on this layer if it's too dark

8. Highlight the Pattern Layer
Select bottom right corner
Selections Expand by 1
Add a New Layer
Flood with Black
Rename Black Two
Leave selected .......

9. New Layer
Rename layer to Gold Border
Selections Modify, Selection Borders, Both sides checked, Width 2, Anti Alias checked
Selections modify

Flood with gold gradient
Apply favourite Inner Bevel

10. Highlight top layer
Copy and Paste the tube you have chosen for the left side as a New Layer
Rename as Tube 1
Resize if necessary using bicubic resampling

11. Duplicate Tube layer and Rename as Tube 2

12. Highlight Tube 1
Resize by 80%
Lower Opacity to 40%
Layer Mode Screen
Move up and right
Layer Mode and Opacity will depend on the tube's depth of colour

13. Highlight Tube 2
Reduce Opacity to 70%
Apply drop shadow, Vertical 1, Horizontal 8, Opacity 30, Blur 5

14. Decorate the top right square

15. Add text as a vector in the bottom square, rotate 35 to the left, stretch to fit
Convert to raster layer

16. Merge all layers visible

result after stage 16

17. Add a New Layer
Rename Frame
Flood with gold gradient
Select All - Contract by 2 press your delete key
Contract selection by 3, Flood with gold gradient
Contract selection by 2 press your delete key
Contract selection by 3, Flood with gold gradient
Contract selection by 2 press your delete key
Add watermark and any necessary Copyright information
Resize using Bicubic Resampling

Be creative, a tutorial is a guideline only so have fun

Alternate Images
Resulting image by KoKo

Page design by Carol

Some of the graphics used are from groups I belong to which share tubes and/or images.
They are used here for the purposes of this tutorial only.

Copyright infringement not intended